Canadian REALTORS®: Ihre Papiere, bitte

From the wonderfully-named Kingston (Ontario) Whig-Standard, we learn that Canadian real estate agents (are they Realtors? or REALTORS? or REALTORS®?) are now required to ask for photo ID from buyers and sellers.

The logic, as usual, is ‘fighting terror.’

Intended to prevent individuals or groups from using real estate transactions to launder money, the new federal law requires agents to verify the ID of those involved in a transaction – for instance, with a passport or driver’s licence – and keep that information on file for five years. In the case of corporations buying and selling land, the identities of the corporation’s directors must be disclosed.

I can see it now. Next: American REALTORS® are required to search every home they sell and report any "suspicious findings" to law enforcement….

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One Response to Canadian REALTORS®: Ihre Papiere, bitte

  1. Jeremy Hart says:

    Andrew, if I have to report every “suspicious finding” to the police, then I need to put them on speed dial. With as many townhomes and condos as we have in a college town, well … you can imagine. Seen quite a few handguns (what college student needs a loaded handgun sitting out on the coffee table), and those that make hookas are apparently doing a brisk business!

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