CREST social media adoption survey #2

Take the second CREST survey as we drill down into how much business REALTORS® are getting from their blogs and what social networking tools they use in conjunction with their blogging efforts. Everyone who completes the survey gets a copy of the executive summary, so get cracking! This survey closes at 9 a.m. EDT on August 21, 2008.

Oh, by the way, the results of our first survey were released today.

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14 Responses to CREST social media adoption survey #2

  1. says:

    Not a bad idea to determine what’s working and how well it’s working.

  2. jay seville says:

    I tried to fill out the form for you/CREST, but do not see a submit button–just a share button. How do we fill it out and submit it????


  3. Jay, the submit button is right below the e-mail address field. There are responses in the hopper, so I’m not sure why you’re having trouble. Alternatively, you could try this page.

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  6. I am new to this. I have 2 blogs, one for consumers, one for agents. I am starting to generate referrals from agents and from past clients who read my blog – they share it, and then I get calls. I only started in June. Also, it forces me to come up with interesting things to say, which is helping me be “sound bite ready” when talking with prospects or the media. Finally, I edit some blog posts and submit as contributing articles to local papers. I’ve been printed and contacted by consumers and agents alike from those articles.

  7. Alan Barker says:

    It’s hard to tell exactly how much business my blogs directly generate. What I do know is that I get 10-20 internet leads a day from my websites Logan UT Homes for Sale and Real Estate Logan Utah.

    I use my blogs Logan Real Estate Blog and Utah Real Estate Market Conditions to advertising listings, give update of real estate market conditions and give links to my other sites. My blogs generate hits and get them fast. Many of my website hits come from my blogs and they definitely help me generate business.

  8. I am really interested in the results since I am new to blogging and actally realize that I should be writing more artices than I currently am.

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  10. B. Rachielles says:

    The survey looks like a great piece if the equation. Certainly, the data will be great for those committed to blogging, but then this may be like closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. What about sending the survey results to those of us who are investigating the potentials in blogging so that we can make better decisions before we invest?

    B. Rachielles

  11. Fran Rokicki says:

    Cannot save survey and not able to answer all questions. If you don’t have 3rd party ads, you cannot answer 4 questions:) System won’t let you, sorry. I use activerain, facebook and blogger. Google is the best for help. They respond much faster and solve the issue asap:)

  12. Jay Thompson says:

    Ben –

    Some things to keep in mind when you look at survey results (at least based on how I answered questions):

    I checked all the widgets I’ve ever deployed, that doesn’t mean they are all on there right now. (I experiment a lot)

    “Do you display listings”

    I answered yes, but I don’t display them in the “traditional” sense. I have an IDX search, which my listings are on, and I have a little listings widget, but I don’t write a traditional listings post for every one.

    “How many are in the process” is difficult to answer. I added up closings and **active** buyers/sellers. Many, many more are on things like auto-listings, emails, newsletters, etc, but I don’t consider them active/in process. Others might.

    This should be an interesting survey!

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