Oops! A roof drain pipe directed into a home flooded the crawl space and left an opening for rodents.

We’ve all seen plenty of home-inspection mishaps, sure, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to see another. This one comes courtesy of Darrell Hay in Seattle, who wrote about it for the Seattle Times.

It’s worth reading the full (short) article just for the ending.

Want more? There’s plenty.

And plenty more.

And still more.

And yet more. (Warning: First shot not for the overly squeamish.) Untitled-1

(Yes, I  know that means more people will click it, but that’s human nature for ya. For example, if I said "I really advise against trying to figure out what the homeowner did wrong in this picture," a number of you would anyway, then blame me for sending you there.) (I mean it — don’t go there. You don’t want to look at the picture.) (I mean it.)