Exotic loans. FHA loans. Lending Tree can play both sides.

Via HousingWatch we learn that Lending Tree is now offering consumers the ability to shop for FHA-backed loans on their site. Some industry insiders say it’s an “interesting shift” that the mortgage lead generating service has taken, as the company gained notoriety in some circles for allegedly helping to lure unsuspecting consumers into so-called exploding ARMs during the height of the housing boom.

I actually used Lending Tree along with BankRate.com to compare loans several years ago. I had good experiences with both sites.

What say you, REALTORS®? How does this strike you?

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2 Responses to Exotic loans. FHA loans. Lending Tree can play both sides.

  1. I never recommend lending tree, because they did have those Arm products, and because I have completed transactions with clients who used this service and where in my opinion not fairly treated at all. So no If I can talk some one out of using them I do each and every time.

  2. If you’re going to use LendingTree, or recommend it to someone, the best piece of advice: use a disposable e-mail address. Soon after filling out an application you will find your e-mail box filling with all sorts of credit and mortgage offers; LendingTree must sell your address.

    I was ready — I created a temp address (ltree@kantor.com). Once I deleted it, the spam stopped. “One to one correlation,” you might say.

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