So vinyl doesn’t last forever?

This is why I’m a homeowner and not a REALTOR® — I never knew you had to check vinyl siding. Don’t those ads talk about it lasting forever?

I mean, really, it’s plastic. In a few thousand years maybe it would start to show wear, but the whole point of plastic is that it’s a permanent monument to our civilization.

Well, shows what I know. Thanks to Jonathan Bunn at the Real Estate Bakery (get it?) who pointed me to this article on Raleigh Real Estate Talk.

Have you ever seen a home where the vinyl siding has buckled? Especially during the hot North Carolina summer days. If so, this was most likely because the siding was installed too tight. Our inspector told us that every piece should be able to move 1/4″ to 1/2″ when you grab the edge and give it a good pull.

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3 Responses to So vinyl doesn’t last forever?

  1. That Hot Sun is killer! Never underestimate its power!

  2. Candy Lynn says:

    I just love it when the public remarks in the MLS say “Maintenance Free Vinyl Home”. Nothing is maintenance free.

  3. Mike Hawn says:

    Some people need to know you get what you pay for. Yes the key to a good job is to have a qualified installer install the siding. There are some cheap brands of siding out there also. If you buy a good vinyl siding it will last and look greate for a long time. The only thing is the fading,but everything fades in time. Some brands will say the pan eos will never fade. You get what you pay for.

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