Sometimes buying decisions are more time-sensitive than buyers realize!

the urgency of buyingSome Realtors view the industry as a sales profession — I don’t always see it that way.

When I am representing a seller, I am indeed in a sales role — I am working diligently to sell their house.  But when I am representing a buyer, I view my role a bit differently….

Salesman vs. Consultant
When I am working with buyer clients, looking at homes, I am never trying to convince them to buy a particular home.  I am not trying to sell them on the merits of a particular house.  What I am doing is trying to understand their housing needs and desires and to help them evaluate each home to determine whether it will meet their needs, and fulfill their desires.  I am a real estate consultant, helping them to examine each critical aspect of a home to make a wise buying decision.

And yet sometimes (in retrospect) it would have helped my buyer clients if I were a bit more coercive!
I have now had two clients in the past several weeks who knew what house they were going to buy, but held off (for valid reasons) on making an offer.  Then, in the time that they waited, interest rates went up, the associated monthly payment increased, and they were not comfortable buying anymore.  If they had made an offer sooner, they would have finalized their financing, locked in their rate, and they would have been able to buy the house they had hoped to live in.

I don’t think that rates are likely to go up drastically in the next few weeks or months, but they are increasing — and an increased rate changes your monthly housing costs.

Given this interest rate context — I will likely adjust how I work with my buyer clients to make sure they understand the urgency of making a buying decision expediently.

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3 Responses to Sometimes buying decisions are more time-sensitive than buyers realize!

  1. Jim Rake says:

    Scott – you’re exactly right. While patience has its virtues, decisiveness is probably more important. While buyers can’t control all the variables involved, they can at least be aware of them. But, having the willingness to “pull the trigger” with the “knowns” at any given moment, having done your “due diligence” is vital to success. As they say, “good today is better than perfect someday.”

  2. Julie Emery says:

    Sometimes I think you have to let them make that mistake the first time. If I really do think it’s the right house and they’ll regret it if they don’t make the decision, I’ll ask “I want you to ask yourselves, if two weeks from now you decide this really is the right house and someone else has already bought it or market conditions have changed to where it’s no longer affordable, are you going to feel OK about that?”
    I don’t know that this often changes their decision. But it helps them remember the consequences of hesitation when they fall in love with the next house!

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