I don’t know how many of you got the VAR Broker Digest newsletter, but something in it struck me as funny… sort of.

Dam_Break It’s about a change to the disclosure statement: "House Bill 837 requires notice regarding ‘dam break inundation zone’."

Maybe it’s me, but that phrase — "dam break inundation zone" is just a tad on the creepy side. It’s up there with "thermal runaway" (when a cell phone or laptop’s lithium battery catches fire). It’s got just enough of a taste of bureaucrat-ese, but it’s still clear.

Kind of like, oh, "Within potential fallout grid" or "Elevated bacteriological exposure zone."


Related, sort of — if you want to really creep yourself out, visit CarlosLabs’ Ground Zero calculator. Using Google Maps, you can enter any location and choose from a list of nuclear weapons to see the effect it would have.

Goodbye, Roanoke:


Perhaps more useful, if you think the Iraqis North Koreans Iranians bad guys may ever hit DC with a small H-bomb, you Realtors® in NOVA should advise your clients accordingly: