You’ll never guess who the newest VARbuzz contributor is

I’ll give you three guesses.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

It’s Bob Carney, blogs extensively at FocusOnFrederick and is known to the Virginia REALTOR® Twitterazzi as simply GotBob. He’s from Frederick. No, not Fredericksburg, but Frederick. As in Frederick, Maryland.

I can hear it now, “Oh, great! VAR takes its convention to Baltimore, and now we have a contributor from Maryland on VARbuzz. Next thing ya know, those crazy varmints at VAR will be moving their offices to Annapolis!”

Hardly! Sure, the real estate profession has its nuances from state to state, but all REALTORS®, no matter where they work, encounter many of the same issues. And with Frederick located within the footprint of MRIS and the greater Washington DC market, Bob will have plenty of relevant perspectives to share with us Virginians.

Bob is an alumni of Virginia Real Estate Bloggercon 2.0 (yes, he braved a Potomac River crossing for it), an avid social media marketer, and you might even get to meet him at VAR’s Convention & Expo 2008 (leave lots of comments on his first post begging him to come).

Please show Bob some Virginia hospitality and welcome him as VARbuzz’s newest contributor!

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9 Responses to You’ll never guess who the newest VARbuzz contributor is

  1. gotbob says:

    No. Stop. Thank you…you’re too much. I feel the love already, ready … ready.

    This place is so empty I hear an echo.

    Ben, I think I scared them away. Honestly, looking forward to contributing. Thank you for including me in the cool kids club over here at VAR. I truly wish that MAR was just as forward thinking as you all. (in due time…I will make a mark)

  2. Tony Arko says:

    LOVE for BOB.

  3. Jim Duncan says:

    Welcome, Bob. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Virginia Association of Realtors convention in Baltimore.

  4. GotBob is in the house? Now the party can officially start!

  5. Jeremy Hart says:

    Welcome Bob! Sorry about the crickets when you were first announced – maybe we were all a little confused, what with the state convention being in MD and now this. Still a great addition!

    Looking forward to celebrating your birthday during the state convention!

  6. gotbob says:

    Gentlemen, Thank you. You’re the best man!

  7. DUDE! Very, very cool addition! Bob’s a VAR’er at heart :)

  8. Candy Lynn says:

    we GOTBOB! Welcome glad to have you here!
    Big <>

  9. Totally logical addition to the team…welcome!!


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