Update: With the hurricane season proving to be a busy one, the website address has been changed to:
Hurricane Info 08. Please check it to find out how you can help.

There is an amazing group of volunteers compiling & organizing information about Hurricane Gustav, please visit:

Gustav Information Center Alerts and Information Regarding Hurricane Gustav

“An online community for coordinating volunteer knowledge-sharing related to Hurricane Gustav.”
Photos, Videos, up to date information from folks on site, call of volunteers, etc all in one place.

Gustav Wiki

“This is the wiki for information relating to Hurricane Gustav and its approach to the northern Gulf coast. It’s intended to be centralized site for links to information everywhere else on the web; please publicize it far and wee. Information will be moved here as time progresses from the similar wiki built during and after Hurricane Katrina’s landfall 3 years ago. Please be polite and patient in working with the wiki and the community it attracts, to the extent that you can, and hopefully, everyone will get through this one in one piece.”

Visit Gustav Information Center

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