New poll up — do you or don’t you?

Today I’m stealing an idea from Cindy Jones at VA Real Estate Talk, who brings up an interesting question. (To see what it is, you have to go to the poll — I say this for the benefit of those who get these updates by e-mail.)

This one rides the line between a legal question and and ethical one; it’s a bit of both. Let’s have your input.

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3 Responses to New poll up — do you or don’t you?

  1. j moore says:


  2. Bob says:

    Interesting question re: mold, but which is it: is it LEGALLY required to disclosure known mold in the MLS listing? Or is it an ethical obligation but not a legal (DPOR) requirement?

  3. wes atiyeh says:

    I am a bit complex with this question and the responses I have heard so I did some snooping. I TOTALLY agree with the 56% of the folks that you should disclose that your building has mold BUT to my knowledge and research there is no rule or law that states you have to place it in the “description/remarks” field of the MLS. (Or at least the one I belong to)

    That doesn’t exclude me of my ethical duty to disclose when someone asks me about the property or writes a contract. I still have to do that, regardless.

    Any other thoughts?

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