New Zillow ad service

I’m busy planning the murder of a few thousand trees with the next issue of Commonwealth, but I knew that if I didn’t post this from Zillow I’d be in trouble.

First, the opening of the press release:

Real estate Web site® today announced the launch of Showcase Ads, a self-service advertising platform for local professionals interested in reaching Zillow’s audience of homeowners, buyers and sellers. With this new product, real estate agents, lenders and other local advertisers can purchase 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent of the available ad views on searches for homes within a given ZIP code, allowing them to target only those localities they are most interested in reaching with their message.

Basically, Zillow lets people ("professionals," but I suspect anyone can use it) post ads associated with a ZIP code. So if you’re a handyman on the west end of Richmond, you could pay Zillow to have your ad pop up on every search for properties in 23233.

And so on.

Now, back to clear-cutting….

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5 Responses to New Zillow ad service

  1. Oh boy, where is my credit card, I want to spend some money with Zillow. Well not really, I think that I will devote it to my own website and lead gathering. giving money to zillow is like giving money to my most aggressive competitor, no thanks.

  2. Julie Emery says:

    Good! I was running out of places to spend my money!

  3. Pavel says:

    We all knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

  4. Frank says:

    Anyone else have a idea or niche to take money from professionals.. We need another place to advertise like we need a hole in our heads..

  5. I do not mind this style of ad as I beleive that as Zillows traffic grows it could turn into one of the higher ROI media sources available.

    With this said I sure wish they would get rid of the Zestimator as it is way off on market value for most properties.

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