My wife doesn’t think living under the iron fist of a homeowners’ association would be a big deal. I disagree. You never know whether you’ll get normal people in charge, or mind-blowingly arrogant [insert derogatory term here]:

From Frisco, Tex., we get this from the Dallas Morning News:

Jim Greenwood said he never dreamed his HOA would have a problem with his new Ford F-150 pickup. Then he received the first of three notices threatening him with fines.

"Mr. Greenwood, you’re violating a subdivision rule that prohibits pickup trucks in your driveway," the notice reads.

Stonebriar HOA rules allow several luxury trucks on driveways, including the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline and Lincoln Mark LT.

But most Ford, Dodge or Chevy pickups are restricted.


Mr. Greenwood appealed, claiming his Ford F-150 isn’t much different from the Lincoln Mark LT.

"The response was: ‘It’s our belief that Lincoln markets to a different class of people,’ " he said.

(Oddly, the HOA allows Hummers — the epitome of low class, IMO. So go figure.)