Only 5% of Realtors have their “From” headers in the correct format. Are you part of the 5% or the 95%?

Don’t think your email headers matter? Or maybe you just never thought about it?
This is actually my inbox. Within minutes a Justin Wood and a Justin Wool emailed me. Who is who?

Do you want your clients’ first reaction to be “who is this?”

How about when a customer can’t tell if you are a President of company or customer support for a trash company!!

Again, look at my actual inbox:

With 100-200 emails per day, and many of those being spam with fake names, it is very difficult to memorize who works for what company. And if you want your email to be read first, then make it easier to speed read in a flash.

Which is easier?:
Smith, John (worst)
John Smith (bad)
John Smith XYZ Corp (better)
John Smith- XYZ Corp – 703.555.1212 (best, save them a click, have your phone # in your “From”)

Here are the “from” headers for Frank, David and Eric and 2 spammers, which ones stand out?

  • Frank Borges LL0SA 703-827-4OO6
  • David Johnson [1.877.555.1212 - XYZ Realty]
  • Eric Owen [703.555-1212 - HomeFirst Mortgage]
  • Eric, Johnson (spam for free music)
  • Peter Patterson (spam for something else)

Much easier to read and process than:

  • LL0SA, Frank        (real)
  • Johnson, David    (real)
  • Eric Owen            (real)
  • Eric, Johnson       (spam for free music)
  • Peter Patterson    (spam for something else)

Only until you open Eric and Peter’s email will you know it is spam.

By NOT looking like spam or a high school friend, it makes your company look more professional and your emails don’t get lost in your client’s (and fellow Realtor) flooded inbox.

In case you didn’t get my point, here is a third example of my inbox:

Ok, so how do I change my headers?

Using OUTLOOK? This is where you change your headers.

Look for the “Your Name”

(More Outlook info here)

How to change in Gmail:

Click Settings (top of page), then Accounts, then “edit info” and change your “Name” (for advanced users, in gmail you can also change your actual from email address AND your reply to email address)

Cheers to pretty email headers!

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Written by Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker