Douglas Rushkoff: Rounding out Convention with a bang.

VAR’s Convention & Expo 2008 will be several days filled with learning, fun, socializing, and networking.  Below is an introduction about one of the speakers we have the opportunity to hear.  His spot is on the last day (Sunday) and if this bit of news is any indication, his speech will be a perfect way to round out the experience.

Our closing keynote speaker has just been added as a guest blogger at arguably the most popular blog on the planet: Boing Boing.

You know the old saying: “If it’s good enough for Boing Boing, it’s good enough for you.” Read on for their announcement.

Guestblogger: Douglas Rushkoff!

via Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder on 9/8/08

rushkoffbiosm.jpgMeet our next guestblogger, Douglas Rushkoff. He has been our friend and inspiration for nearly two decades. Douglas has written with and about happy mutants since the great memetic shift of the 1980s. His books include Cyberia, Media Virus, Coercion, Playing the Future, Nothing Sacred, Get Back in the Box, and the novels Ecstasy Club and Exit Strategy.

He teaches for MaybeLogicAcademy, studies and lectures at Utrecht University, and occasionally plays keyboards for PsychicTV.

His most recent work, Testament, is a retelling of the Torah as a near-future technologically-enacted global financial dictatorship, and has just been released as four graphic novel collections from DC/Vertigo.

Please give a warm welcome to Douglas!

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  1. Welcome Douglas,

    Looking forward to seeing what you have to say here.

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