Generation Y and Real Estate: Making the connection

First off I would like to say how honored I am to be able to offer my unique viewpoints/opinions to the Virginia Real Estate community.

Some background: I have been in the business for almost six years and am currently Broker/Owner of Compass Real Estate Consulting in Lake Ridge, VA. I currently hold the e-PRO, ABR, GRI, and CRS designations in conjunction with several sales awards both from RE/MAX International and the Prince William Association of REALTORS®.

Now for the twist: I am currently 26 (and a half) years old and a member of generation Y. I feel this unique combination of age, experience, and accomplishments gives me a unique perspective on the Real Estate Industry as a whole.

As a member of gen Y, I am accustomed to the tools/systems used on a daily basis by this group of potential clients (of which many are coming of home buying age). SMS texting, mobile email, and electronic document singing are just a few of the normal aspects of a real estate transaction with many of my clients. Social networking systems have become a good source for both new clients and referrals to/from brokers in other areas. Hopefully I can go into more details about these things in future posts.

I am not saying that these new group of clients will rule the earth and that real estate professionals not in tune with them are bound to be extinct. What I will say is that gen Y is a potentially huge marketplace that with the right skills can be tapped successfully.

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6 Responses to Generation Y and Real Estate: Making the connection

  1. Congrats and welcome to VARbuzz!

  2. Matt: I look forward to all your insight. I struggle daily to encourage the 60 agents I have spanning all generations on the importance of understanding and embracing the methods used by the “younger” groups joining our industry. We were once you, although our tools of the day were different. Thanks from a generation “Y want-to-” Baby Boomer.

  3. Hey Matt, welcome! Looking forward to reading your posts and checking out the very unique angle you’re coming from as a “Gen Y Broker/Owner”.

  4. Sam Chapman says:

    I was at a tech conference last week on a peer panel and mentioned to the audience that even if they don’t blog and don’t have a clue about building a website that the MUST pay attention to the changing demographics. I stressed that people should still do the traditional open houses, farming, etc., but that things may sneak up on us quickly. The kids of today are tomorrows buyers and we need to keep track of what they are doing technologically. I’m 50, but I do my best to keep up.

  5. MJ Adams says:

    Hi Matt,
    Like the others, I look forward to more on this subject from you. I recently blogged about the new technologies that I am currently using and learning to use.

    My latest tool is twitter…and I am starting to love it. I do get lost in trying to follow thought streams from others.

  6. Dotti Driver says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’m an oldie goldie but my young boss is a tekky, so I’m learing a lot of new tricks. I look forward to reading your blog and learning a few more.

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