Send in the immigrants

When you start to plan an immigration issue, you know you’re entering a minefield. It’s a touchy subject, and it’s one that has become, shall we say, just a bit over-politicized.

As soon as we bring up the subject, conclusions are jumped to, hackles are raised, and hair triggers are prepared.

Then there’s the whole prejudice issue. You’re not even supposed to talk about it, but it’s there, the elephant in the corner. It means choosing your words carefully to avoid sounding insensitive, but not too carefully, lest you imply that someone is oversensitive.

Yep, a minefield.

But let’s deal with reality. Immigrants are here: here to stay, earning money, paying taxes, buying food and clothes…and needing places to live. Working with them — with all their strange customs, funny clothes, and hard-to-understand accents — is good business. Just think of them as people from California.

Yes, we’re all more comfortable around folks who are like us — in terms of race, language, culture, income, education, even which team we root for. (Let’s face it, no one likes to be around Eagles fans.) Trying to pretend otherwise is silly.

Get over it. Immigrants are going to buy homes. Someone is going to help them do it, learn something, and probably make some nice money in the process.  Might as well be you.

* * *

Want to see some of those numbers? Check out the full (two-page) story from the September/October Commonwealth:


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