The Pace of Politics

The VAR Convention is this week, and politics are on my mind. Take a look at the agendas for the upcoming governance meetings and see if there is anything there that will affect your business (of course there is!). One of the more frustrating aspects of Association involvement is the pace of the Realtor political process. The Committees, the Work Groups, the Groups, The Teams … (sometimes, we should slow down a bit).

What is continually frustrating is the pace of the governance process. Change is happening to our industry in many ways, and we as Realtors need to get ahead of the changes. A big part of that is voicing your individual and collective opinions.

If you want change to happen, get involved. The Delegate Body, the Public Policy and Governance meeting, the Policy Board – all seem ethereal – made up of the Realtor Association vapor – until you actually come to a meeting and hear that the discussions focus on very tangible aspects of Realtors’ businesses and lives.

Stop by. Get involved. Let the leaders and committee members know that you are watching, listening and care. Ask questions about the issues – why they (I) voted this way or that way.

The pace may occasionally resemble watching paint dry, but the results are often worth while.

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4 Responses to The Pace of Politics

  1. Jeremy Hart says:

    Thanks Jim; did you talk to my wife recently about this? I’ve been on a tear recently, frustrated by the seemingly endless discussions and evaluations and sub-committees of several groups I serve on (not real estate related), and she’s just been repeating over and over “be patient”. I hate it when she’s right. I’ve been learning – albeit slowly – that the greatest good I can affect in the role I fill is to be patient and just stay involved, something I find difficult to do. That’s the best I can do. We learn more, we become more emotionally invested, and we can collectively define the solution rather than just be a part of the problem.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Jim. I sat in on several meetings today @ VAR and learned a great deal doing so. I was particularly impressed with how Chairman Barry Albright handled the RPAC Trustee discussion this afternoon.

  3. It is just like what I try to instill in my sellers minds. Get ahead of the market and you are much better off. Take your lumps now, don’t chase the market and take even more lumps later.

  4. Right now the real estate industry should have all eyes on the politicians who are trying to come up with solutions to the money problem and financial problem that America is in because it has a big impact on the real estate industry.

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