The quiet before the storm (i.e. why it’s been so long since anyone posted here)

To say it’s a bit crazy here at the VAR offices would be a monstrous understatement. We’re less than a week away from VAR’s Convention & Expo 2008, and the pace is just a few clicks shy of light speed. We’re putting the finishing touches on scripts, packing supplies, sending out last-minute reminders, stuffing badges, and discovering new levels of minutia that need to be orchestrated.

We live for this stuff. And yes, we know we’re weird.

Now, while it’s been mostly quiet here at VARbuzz, there is lots of activity on the Convention & Expo blog, so make sure you tune in over there (here’s the RSS feed). And if you’re not fortunate enough to join us in Baltimore along with 700+ of the best real estate pros around, well, TOO BAD! We do have a lovely consolation prize for you though:

Visit VAR’s Convention & Expo 2008 homepage during the event (starting September 24). Not only will you be able to read posts made to the Convention blog by our guest writers, you’ll also be able to read blog posts from others who are writing about our Convention. And, you can even see Twitter updates that have been tagged with #VAR08 (that’s the official conference tag, y’all). It’s a far cry from actually being at the Convention, but we think you’ll find it’s an interesting way to “attend” the convention vicariously.

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One Response to The quiet before the storm (i.e. why it’s been so long since anyone posted here)

  1. Jeremy Hart says:

    I’m looking forward to using the and the Twitter feed just to catch up with everything I’ll be missing while I’m at the Convention. There’s so much going on, and so many places I want to be, that I think I’ll likely be playing catchup every evening. Thanks for putting this together, see everyone next week!

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