The deal:

How good is your blog? Time to find out — it’s our second Real Estate Blog Brawl competition. This one’s just for Virginia REALTORS, and this one’s got some sweet prizes. Rest assured, there will be a bigger, badder version of our uber-popular national Real Estate Blog Brawl in March, so consider this Blog Brawl the prelims.

So, let’s talk prizes:

First place:

Second place:

Third and fourth place:

Thanks to the good folks at Inman for ponying up the registrations as bounty in support of the Blog Brawl. And by the way, they’ll be offering up a pretty hefty discount to Real Estate Connect NYC 2009 just for VAR members. Stay tuned for details.

Back to the brawl… Use the form at the end of this post to register your blog — or to nominate someone else’s (or, if you care to hop from IP address to IP address, several someone elses’). We’ll take the top nominees and create the Blog Brawl bracket in typical single-elimination tournament style.

Next month, we’ll hold up to six rounds of voting to determine who moves on to the next round, who goes home weeping, and ultimately the big winner. Being as this is the Blog Brawl, there are no rules. Competitors can use whatever means at their disposal to drive up their vote. Those REALTORS who engaged their current and former clients in the voting not only did well in the tourney, they also had a fun (and frequent) reason to contact their clients. You can also get your mama to vote for you.

So get to it. Nominate all of your favorite real estate blogs as many times as you want from as many IP addresses as you can by Friday, November 7 at 11:59 p.m. EST; just enter the URL into the form below.

Caveats: This Blog Brawl is open to Virginia Realtor bloggers only. (The national Real Estate Blog Brawl comes in March.) Multi-author blogs are permitted to join the brawl, provided that a majority of its authors are REALTORS. VARbuzz may exclude blogs from the brawl at its sole discretion. As the Blog Brawl sponsor, VARbuzz will not participate.