Le Carnivale de Real Estate Blogs – Virginia State Fair edition!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Realtors and brokers, and children of all ages (under 18  with your parents’ permission). Howdy! It’s the October 6 edition of the Carnival of Real Estate, Virginia State Fair edition, brought to you by the good folks here at VARbuzz — the official blog of the Virginia Association of Realtors.funnel cake

Fun and games! Deep fried stuff on a stick! Prizes galore! Tractor pulls and demolition derbies! Funnel cakes and corn dogs, and lots of that wonderful Virginia wine to make you forget about exactly how many calories are in each.

(For you new to the game, the Carnival of Real Estate features the best posts of the nation’s real estate bloggers. It’s in a new place every week, and this week brings us our chance to give out those fabulous prizes.)

A new record!

!highstriker Step right up and win a lovely stuffed animal for your sweetie (or any of our other fabulous prizes!)— and show her how strong you really are. Swing the hammer! Hit the bell! Win the prize!

Why, Greg Shuey over at Utah Mortgage Brokers tells us that the real estate market did just that! Oh, wait. That’s not a good thing.

Foreclosures hit another record high in August: 304,000 homes were in default and 91,000 families lost their houses….

Big and bad

Now, if big piles of stuff are more your game, they could use your help at the stables. Just kidding! Head on over to our world-famous (in a please-don’t-actually-check way) hot dog eating contest.

!hotdogeating (Sorry. That’s “hot-dog eating” — wouldn’t want to leave out the hyphen like we did last year, would we? Note to PETA: Our bad.)

Speaking of piles of money (and other things), Ola Edvardsson at Real Estate And Mortgage Blog by Housia has something to say about NPR’s popular story, “The Giant Pool of Money.”

His take: It’s just not that bad – and it could even be a good thing.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding the rescue plan. It’s not 700 billion down the drain. These homes will come back in value in the future. We just don’t know when. And it takes a government to be patient and hold these types of assets for a long time.

Rescue me

!dunkTank Ah, the good ol’ dunk tank. Take a seat and take your chances. If someone actually manages to hit the target, you get a cool, refreshing swim!

And no worries – if things don’t quite go the way you want, we’ll rescue you.

Speaking of rescue (yeah, we know, weak segue), before the House passed that bill that eliminated the excise tax on wooden arrows (and, by the way, borrowed $700 billion to bailout the various Wall Street firms that had made bad investments), John Lockwood from Sacramento Real Estate considered what not having a bailout would mean to the real estate biz.

Oh, and he didn’t miss the opportunity to comment on the bill in general:

Is it the role of a husband to help his wife up after he beats her? No, no, no! The role of the husband is not to beat her to begin with, but to do things that will render her prosperous. Government broke the economy by deregulating it (in concert with other ill considered policies like not fixing our trade deficit and cutting taxes while having a war). Having broken it, they then proceeded to try to minimize the negative impact on the same rich people they were helping out when they deregulated it.

Stupid is as stupid does

And before you start grinding your teeth about all the bad news, remember this. If there’s one thing you can remind yourself of at the state fair, it’s that there’s always someone a lot dumber than you.

Joyce Zangmeister of 805local.com has a short tale of just one of those people in “How not to sell your house.” Hopefully this seller will come check out the ring toss or one of our other games of skill!


Grease, fat, and slime — that’s what a state fair is all about. The slime part isn’t something we’re proud of, but whatcha gonna do? Everyone’s got to earn a living, right? We don’t have to be happy about it, is all.

Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade isn’t happy — not at all. But we’ll let him tell you his tale:

If everything they told me is absolutely true, they are still using the property as bait for a “bait and switch” game. If what they told me was true, they do not in fact have the property available for sale.


We asked our Employee of the Month, “Railroad” Joe, what he would do differently if he had another chance. His answer: Don’t bother with that philosophy degree — go straight for the MBA.

We can’t argue that college can be a great thing. And it can be a great thing for the real estate business, too, argues Steve Brownell at the Zillow blog.

The relatively constant housing and rental market, plus steady employment numbers, seems to insulate the local real estate market from short-term trends in the rest of the economy.

What’s he talking about? Click and find out.

Fight to the death

Nothing says “fun” like a good, clean fight — and there’s no better battle than one of our classic demolition derbies. It’s not about who wins; it’s about watching them beat each other up.

Along those lines comes Patrick Duffy (no, not that Patrick Duffy) over at the Housing Chronicles Blog who tells us the tale of “Builders taking on the banks.”

The coalition, formed earlier this year in San Diego by a collection of builders, attorneys and work-out specialists including Barratt American President Michael (Mick) Pattinson, hopes to force lenders to play by a consistent set of rules versus what the group’s members say have been a series of contrived defaults that have led not only to foreclosed projects, but hibernating or bankrupt development companies.

Ways to win

!blue-ribbon-pigTo finish up our carnival today, a short but sweet story to help you remember what it’s all about.

If you like to be around winners, you’ll want to check out our blue-ribbon contests, where animals get prizes for reasons only the judges know.

But at least one Realtor has a good idea of what it means to succeed. Check out what Audrey June-Forshey had to say on the subject over at Movin’ Maryland….

It was a beautiful cermony, perfect weather and they were surrounded by so much love and happiness. It was a really great day. I am honored to have been included in yet another milestone in their lives. I know both couples will have many years of happiness and love.

Thanks to CoRE for the opportunity to host! The Virginia State Fair closed down yesterday, so next week you’re off to Staged4More for the real estate blogosphere’s hottest posts.

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  2. Great job on the Carnival! The pictures and commentary made me want to view every post.

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  4. Thanks for citing my blog post on builders taking on the banks, but the link is incorrect and just leads to an error message.Here’s the correct one:


    Thank you!

    Blogmaster’s note: Link updated in the original post.

  5. I love this post. How clever you are. Sorry I didn’t have first hand knowledge of the Virginia State Fair!!

  6. That looks like it would be a lot of fun. I like demolition derbys and that is definitely something I would have gone to. The guy eating those hot dogs is going to get sick. I know he is a professional and has won a lot of contests but still.

    Oh nice pig to.

  7. This is a very cleaver post. I think that fair looks like a ton of fun. I don’t know about the rest of you but this would be a nice incentive to buy a house in Virginia.

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