Follow NAR2008 with Addict-o-matic

If you can’t be in Orlando for NAR this week, here’s the next best thing: Addict-o-matic page for NAR2008.

Visit this page periodically to see pictures, videos, blog posts and Twitter tweets about NAR’s Conference & Expo.  There’s a sample of what the page looks like embedded in this post. Click it for a larger view or better yet, just go to the Addict-o-matic page.

Yes, you will have to bookmark that page and go back to it whenever you want an update, and no, there’s not an RSS feed, but that’s the nature of the beast. They pull content from all around the web into one place so you don’t have to surf multiple sites to keep up to date.

Pretty cool, eh?

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One Response to Follow NAR2008 with Addict-o-matic

  1. Brian Block says:

    Ben, Addict-o-matic looks like a very cool way to follow the conference, or to find out the buzz about just about anything. Thanks for pointing out this neat tool.

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