Google Street View comes to NOVA

Earlier this year we wrote about Google Street View coming to Richmond. It was one of the first localities in the country to have virtually the entire city (and much of the surrounding counties) photographed from the road using a specially equipped VW Beetle. Now, Google Street View arrives in the DC metro area, covering many of the close-in suburbs. As you can see from the photo in this post, Alexandria, Arlington and eastern Fairfax seem to be solidly covered.

Street View could be a great way to help buyers rule out listings that aren’t right for them. As you know, some agents — ahem — take liberties with exterior photos that appear in the MLS. Other listings are often ruled out when a client sees the eyesore property around the corner. I’m sure you can come up with other things that could be discovered from Street View without an in real life trip to the property.

Sure, the price of gas is back around $2 again, and can help you squeeze every penny out of your tank, but who wouldn’t want to avoid a few detours? Especially in that DC traffic!

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4 Responses to Google Street View comes to NOVA

  1. We don’t have street view yet in Bend, but I’ve heard of other Realtors using this service in Portland. It makes sense for out of town buyers that can’t personally drive by properties. They can narrow down their lists of prospective homes by viewing the google street views. There are so many tools available on the web and good agents need to be aware, (and use), all of them to succeed.

  2. Google Street View is one of those free, great tools an agent should utilize if it’s available in their area. I wish we have that one back here. Showing buyers around the neighborhood before buying would be less of a hassle.

  3. I love Google Street View! We have it all over the Cary and Raleigh NC areas and it is a fantastic tool for home buyers to see a home, how to drive there, where the road is, etc and for sellers to show more than a static picture of their home without any effort on their part. It is great!

  4. Proud to say is the first area MLS that has Streetview embedded into each listing. Also added the Aerial Virtual Earth view.

    So not only do we have buyer agents taking photos INSIDE photoless listings, now we have another drive by angle.


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