Pro bono work — do you, don’t you, won’t you, have you?

“NAR Must Add Pro Bono Provision to Realtor Code of Ethics” writes Joseph Ferrara on the Sellsius real estate blog. His point:

NAR ought promote the fact that public service is good for the community, good for the economy, good for business and good for the agent. It will distinguish (and elevate) the brand. Is the Realtor brand iconic? Prove it.

What about you — have you ever done pro bono work as a REALTOR? Take our quick poll and let us know.

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7 Responses to Pro bono work — do you, don’t you, won’t you, have you?

  1. I am not sure if you mean giving away real estate services, or if you mean community involvment, such as being a member of a local Rotary club and helping to make the community a better place.

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  3. I would for a good cause.

  4. I have for Habitat and for some very specific families in need at our church. However, I’ve used tons of disclaimers and it always gets an odd look from other agents when you tell them you are working for free…

  5. Bob Carney says:

    I have given out plenty of free information and advice. Last I checked that is the only thing I have to offer to buyers and sellers; Information and knowledge of the process. I believe it helps me get more business later. However, I have not completed a transaction without compensation.

  6. norm says:

    Yes, and have.

  7. norm says:

    Yes, have done so

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