Sweet Blackberry Promos from VAR Partners

Update from your friendly VAR sales manager: For those of you who know the difference between this cell phone and that (my cell phone is about to celebrate it’s 5th birthday,) you can now enjoy some improved wireless connectivity with a couple of Blackberries, courtesy of T-Mobile and VAR Wireless Center.  Also great for the upcoming gift-giving season…

BlackberryCurveThe first is the Blackberry Curve 8320, offered by T-Mobile for $49.99 when you sign up for a voice and data plan.   OR, you can get a T-Mobile G1 for $139.99.  OR, a FREE Blackberry Pearl 8120.  All these come with waived activation fees.  You also qualify for up to a 10% discount on monthly charges (for new customers only.)  Offer is good through December 31, 2008, and only available by:

Blackberrybold The second is the Blackberry Bold, the newest Blackberry by AT&T retails at $299.99, and is now FREE with the activation of a 2-year contract and unlimited data package ($99.99/month). This offer is available through November 30 at the VAR Wireless Center.

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9 Responses to Sweet Blackberry Promos from VAR Partners

  1. Becky Yacone says:

    I am interested in the AT&T Blackberry Bold offer. Unfortunately, the the Blackberry Bold is not listed on that page. :-( Do you have another link?

  2. Hmm… that link works for me. In fact, the Bold is the top link on the page (http://www.varwirelesscenter.com). Maybe reloading the page would help.

  3. Becky Yacone says:

    Pulled the page(http://www.varwirelesscenter.com/) up again refreshed/reloaded – Top of the page (under the VAR Wireless Center logo and header) has rotating ad for two Samsung and two LG products – no Blackberry of any flavor.
    The list of FREE phones on the page displayed for me starts with Nokia N75 w/ AT&T. (The only other AT&T phone is LG Vu CU920. Blackberry Curve w/ Verizon is the only Blackberry offered on that page)
    Can I send you the page as it is displayed for me?

  4. I love my BB. I have the Curve and I can’t imagine life without it. The fact that I get my emails within 5 seconds after they were sent, justifies the price.

    Great product.

  5. Why would anybody get a blackberry bold when the Blackberry Storm is coming out in the next week or so with touch screen and horizontal browsing, etc. For access to the full MLS while you’re on the field the touch screen horizontal layout is an incredible tool.

    Is there any word of a deal for the Storm for VAR members?


  6. I love Blackberry but unfortunately it is not compatible with Supra E Key for us to open lockboxes. If I move from the Treo to the Blackberry I have to carry 2 additional devices in order to access houses and MLS. Any chance that Blackberry is working with GE to become Supra e Key compatible??

  7. Nicole, I did not think we could use our TREOs yet in NOrthern VA since so many old lockboxes were stupidly (by nvar) allowed to remain in the marketplace instead of forcing everybody to upgrade.

    Am I wrong? Can we use our treos on lockboxes? How and who do I contact?


  8. Sorry…I should have mentioned that I am in Austin, Texas. I guess the compatibility varies by state.

  9. Andy Fields says:

    All go, until the massive spending spree was approved…now they don’t quite need to offer $5 plans !! Like the bailout so far?

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