Try the Trulia heat map

Here’s an interesting tool for REALTORS who want to compare housing data in counties around the Commonwealth,  even down to zip code level. Head over to’s heat map for Virginia and give it a whirl.

There are heat map options for average listing price and activity. The Trulia activity heat map could be a good indication of how tech savvy the people are who want to buy in that area. If you’re a tech savvy REALTOR, this could give you some intelligence on which zip codes you might want to invest more time and attention in.

Beware the sales price data heat maps, though. We’ve seen counties with sales data that is a bit outdated. And while sales data from 2006 might usher in feelings of nostalgia and perhaps even euphoria, we submit to you that such delusions are not particularly friendly to your business.

We’ve also been hearing good things about the Trulia app for the iPhone, although many of us are not fortunate enough to have one… yet.

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2 Responses to Try the Trulia heat map

  1. That is a fantastic tool if you are in the right area. Would love to see a similar tool for the wordwide market.

  2. Hey Ben! Like you, I love heat maps!! Have you seen our heat maps over at Cyberhomes.

    Starting with the local real estate markets, anyone can graphically look at 12-month change in value, estimated value per square foot, home values.

    Then move out to neighborhood characteristics like home ownership, school ratings, or population. Then move over to neighbors where you can characteristics of people in your neighborhood…even age breakdown.

    Check out Glen Allen, VA here:

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