LitterCleaning I’m making a few minor changes to the blog — hopefully nothing you’ll even notice if you’re not looking for it. I’ve condensed the (long) category list into something more reasonable. For example, “Housing Economy” now includes mortgage lending-related posts, and all the separate VAR categories (with a total of, like, 10 posts) are now a single “VAR Stuff” category.

And I added a “Going Green” slug too, because that’s going to be a hot topic, as well as one called “Business of Realty” that I think needs to be there. Maybe it will spark some posts, too.

And before we do a complete redesign there will be some cosmetic tweaks here and there as well. So if something doesn’t look right, or you think something could look better (e.g., “Can you make such-and-such a font larger”), lemme know.

Meantime: Happy, Merry, etc.