Just a few changes here at VARbuzz we want make you aware of:

  • For those of you who subscribe by e-mail, you may have noticed that the daily e-mail digest now contains the post author’s name. This took a little bit of blog magic on the part of VAR’s Editor & Information Manager, Andrew Kantor.
  • andrew-kantor-mug-shotIn recognition of Andrew’s many contributions to VARbuzz over these past few months, he is taking over the reins as the VARbuzz Blogmaster. I’ll continue contributing to VARbuzz of course, but Andrew will now be the point man on the blog, including comment moderation (so let’s give him a nice welcome: everyone comment on this post two or seven times!). Unwilling to simply ride into the sunset, I’m taking the oh-so-venerable title of Blogmaster Emeritus.
  • Under Andrew’s reign, 2009 will bring some exciting changes to VARbuzz.  For one thing, we’re going to redesign the site and add some new features. For another thing, we’ll host a nation-wide Blog Brawl in March with fabulous prizes. Still another thing, we’ll be doing more contests like the Blog Brawl, but less — shall we say — intense for the participants.

Okay, now show Andrew how much you love him. Start leaving those multiple comments.