David Lereah in Money magazine

Worth 30 seconds of your time: a brief interview with former NAR chief economist David Lereah on CNN Money.

Q. Were you wrong to be so bullish?

A. I worked for an association promoting housing, and it was my job to represent their interests.

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2 Responses to David Lereah in Money magazine

  1. While serving on NAR’s Commercial Research Subcommittee I got to work with David. His expertise was in residential research, but I found him to be one that also strongly pushed commercial research. When I presented arguments for the Realtors Land Institute for land research, which had never been done by NAR, David was our strongest ally. I feel the comments that David made in this interview are honest and correct, but I also feel that if we are going to improve as an association we will need to do more diverse research than what we are currently doing.

  2. Tony Arko says:

    Am I to infer that anyone working for NAR will not be honest with the public if that honesty reflects badly on the real estate market, real estate professionals, etc? Are the public figures told what to say by the powers that be at NAR even if it is against what they believe? Is that why David left? Is that why he is only now believable since he no longer works for NAR?

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