Del. Peace praises VAR’s support for Help Housing Now package

Wednesday’s Capitol Connections newsletter explained VAR’s involvement in a package of housing recovery and opportunity bills introduced by various General Assembly members from across the state. Del. Chris Peace posted to the Virginia Tomorrow blog praising VAR’s efforts to support the Help Housing Now package.

“In this time of economic challenge elected leaders must come together to put Virginia First in bipartisan ways, working together for solutions and in this case to Help Housing Now. In that spirit, I am so encouraged to have working with me other fellow legislators, both D’s and R’s and House and Senate, and representatives of the housing industry- both for-profits and non-profits. Organizational members of the coalition include the Home Builders Association of Virginia, Inc., the Richmond Association of REALTORS, and the Virginia Association of REALTORS.”

In addition to the Help Housing Now package, VAR is supporting a wide range of bills to support Realtors during this challenging season. You can check out VAR’s full legislative agenda at (PDF download).

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  1. Anything that helps is good news. Wish they had figured out how serious this was 12 months ago and done something.

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