“The Google?” Net Lingo. Write Your Domain Correctly.

George Bush’s “I use The Google” topped the list of Bushisms. And just yesterday somebody wrote me that they got their first video up on “Utube“.

Does net lingo really matter? No. But will a net savvy consumer notice it? Yes!

I just got a newsletter from VARBuzz. I was so impressed, I had to blog about it. Maybe it is just a pet peeve, but it is great when your state association “gets it.” Something as little as how one writes website domain names and links to sub-pages.

Here is a pretty use of a URL (website domain name):

“sign-up online today at www.VARealtor.com/LegislativeConference”

You might not notice the beauty of this, so I’ll break it down for you:

  • No need for http://**. Just because the http:// pops up after you write in a domain name, it doesn’t mean you have to publish that part too.
  • Caps in the right places.VARealtor.com is easier to read then varealtor. Note that the main domain name (the part before .com) is nOt cAsE senSiTivE.
  • Subpages without the .html, also with proper cases. Much prettier than http://www.varbuzz.com/legislative_conference_09_08_2009.html , a way many others might write the same thing. Also note that the part of the domain name after .com IS sometimes case sensitive. It depends on your website program. So double check before writing …com/HolidayFestival vs …com/holidayfestival.

What you should be asking is whether or not to use the “www.” That is a wild card. Note that CNN.com doesn’t. Short and sweet. However one reason to use the www. is that many email programs won’t make the domain a blue link unless it has www. or http://. Since www is shorter and prettier, I’d suggest that your email signature end with www.MyNameInMyTown.com .

(notice how I ended the sentence with .com “space” period.) I suggest that when writing domain names that end a sentence. Otherwise the “.” can get logged into the domain name and create errors. Mark my words, in 3 or 4 years that won’t be considered a typo by linguists .

So thanks VARBuzz for geTTing iT.

Written by Frank Borges LL0SA
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** The one place you might want to put http:// is in a craigslist ad. If you put http:// it automatically makes your domain a clickable link.

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8 Responses to “The Google?” Net Lingo. Write Your Domain Correctly.

  1. For reasons unknown to me, you actually can’t use VARealtor.com — you need the www. And other sites take advantage of the possibilities of the subdomain (the first part of the address): hence, calendar.google.com, mail.yahoo.com, etc.

    I agree with leaving out the http, although there are some cases where http:// is incorrect, such as sites that begin with https:// or ftp://.

    (Fun tip: With modern browsers, you can enter a word, e.g., realtor, and hit Ctrl-Enter. The browser will automatically add the “www” and “.com”.

    Finally, I don’t go for the space before the period. Any half-decent software will know where the domain name ends and not include punctuation. Then you’d need to write

    I visited my friend’s site, http://www.kantor.com , and liked it.

    and so on. We have enough spaces in our text with the Luddites who are still putting two after every period!

  2. Good information, though when giving my own web address I can leave out the http:// but I cannot leave out the ending such as http://www.jboyerhomes.com/Morristown.php I have to leave the .php on or it does not work. Also in my case the M in Morristown is case sensitive since I made it a capital when I made the page. Wish I would have known that before and I would have made it lower case.

  3. What you could do, Summit Guy, is create a directory called /morristown and rename your page “index.php.” Then the URL would be http://www.jboyerhome.com/morristown — easier to remember.

  4. Scott Rogers says:

    Andrew — it’s a DNS issue. If you update the DNS settings with an “A record” for “www”, “@”, and “*” then you will be able to type in VARealtor.com, whateveryouwant.VARealtor.com, etc.

  5. How about http://www.JBoyerHomes.com ?

    And for the last part, can you make a 1 line forwarding? Make a folder called /Morristown with index.htm that forwards people to the Morristown.php

  6. Also with email addresses I end with a sentence space and period.

    “So this is a sentence that ends with an email such as name@name.com .”

    Because I have had too many problems with cell phones and the ending period getting caught in the email program and kicking back the message.

  7. Scott: I know, but I figure it’s easier to explain to people “be careful about URLs” than to try to talk DNS. (We use it all the time — there are a bunch of something.varbuzz.com sites, in fact.)

    Frank: You could use a META redirect command to forward people, but Google doesn’t like those — too many phishing sites use them. The “proper” way is to dig in and edit your site’s .htaccess file to make it a permanent redirect.

  8. Just saw another agent with a domain name that ended a sentence. Sure enough, he didn’t add another space and his link does not work!


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