I’ve received a few questions lately from newly licensed agents about how the 12 month PL requirement works with a 2 year re-license cycle.  Below is the explaination from the Education Director at the Real Estate Board.


Dear Virginia Real Estate Board Education Providers:

 Please be aware and inform your post license education students of the following two important points:

 1. New Real Estate Salespersons initially licensed by the Virginia Real Estate Board (the Board) on or after July 1, 2008, must complete the 30-hour Post License Education Curriculum within one year of obtaining this Salesperson license.  If a New Salesperson fails to complete this 30-hour post license education requirement within one year of initial licensure, then the Board will automatically place his/her license on “Inactive” status.  A licensee cannot practice real estate in Virginia with an Inactive license.  A New Salesperson licensee can activate an Inactive license only by: 1) Completing the 30-hour post license education requirement; and 2) Filling out and submitting an “Activate/Transfer Application” form with a $60 fee to the Board.  

 2.  The Virginia Salesperson License is valid for two years, this includes New Salespersons.  Although New Salespersons licensed on or after July 1, 2008, must complete their post license education within one year of initial licensure, they will not receive any credit from the Board for any Continuing Education courses they complete before their first two-year licensure term ends.  Some New Salesperson licensees may be inclined to think that since they completed their 30-hour post license education requirement, they can then immediately get started on completing the 16-hour continuing education hours that will be required of them during their second two-year licensure term.  This is not so.  New Salespersons must wait until their first two-year licensure term ends, then they can begin to take Continuing Education courses.  This is addressed by 18 VAC 135-20-101 of the Real Estate Board’s Regulations (Qualifications for Renewal; Continuing Education Requirements), which states:  “All active salespersons… shall be required to complete a total of 16 instruction hours DURING EACH LICENSING TERM.”   The licensee must complete the Continuing Education hours DURING the LICENSING TERM, not BEFORE the LICENSING TERM begins.