Your Wednesday morning “What the…?”


Really, I have no reason to post this other than the fact that it struck me as very, very strange — and talking about real estate all day can be tiring.

But here’s a test: This poster was created for a specific reason. Without searching the Net, can you guess what event sparked the USDA to create it?

Along the same lines (click to enlarge):


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7 Responses to Your Wednesday morning “What the…?”

  1. Scott Brunner says:

    Meat rationing in WWII?

  2. mary dykstra says:

    Okay, I’ll bite- dust bowl era rationing?

  3. I bet it was WW2 and they were trying to conserve meat to ship over to the troops.

    Yeah, I know talking about real estate all the time can get a little dry, especially if you are trying to be possitive and keep a smile on your face at the same time.

  4. The answer: It’s a WWI propaganda poster. There were a lot of them concerning food rationing, but my favorite has got to be this one:

    You can just imagine the conversation in the manager’s office before that went up.

  5. I doubt meat rashioning would go over well these days. If anything we’d be told the opposite. I can see the poster:

    “Consume more meat so your local farmers can get out of the recession, it is your duty as an citizen of this country!”

    Bad joke, I know.

    Sharon Hollas – Surrey Real Estate

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