Ben on his day off

In case you were wondering why Ben Martin needed more time — it was to pursue his other interests.

It's good to be the guy with the camera.

(Not that he was alone:

But Ben's got the cool hair


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4 Responses to Ben on his day off

  1. Although I am not in the Virginia area, I often jump on your blog just to get ideas. I noticed nobody has commented on this post and I have a hard time seeing anyone comment so I thought I would and tell you thanks for your other postings and to keep having fun with posts like this one.

  2. Nice hair. I dare say you will not be seeing to many Realtors with that do. Thanks for posting it though.

  3. So is this the new dress code for a Realtor. I wonder how my office would take it if I showed up to work like this! Cool hair!

  4. Candy Lynn says:

    I really expected to see Ben in Bluegrass attire not rock…

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