VARbuzzers: I need your help. I need to get some ideas about how you learn this business for an article.

I need to tell Realtors where they can acquire certain types of knowledge — I need suggestions for courses, books, Web sites, even life events (e.g., “attend such-and-such a meeting”).

Here are the three things I’m looking for:

Where can they obtain product knowledge? That means learning about everything from types of roofing shingles to advantages of Energy Star appliances, to which kind of grass to plant. Everything about the products (buildings and land) they sell.

What’s the best way to obtain neighborhood knowledge? That is, what areas have POAs, how good the schools are, whether an area is dog-friendly, what good restaurants are nearby. How do you folks go about getting this?

Where can they get client knowledge? That’s things like demographics — what boomers are looking for vs. Gen Xers. What kind of trends are showing up? What are hot selling points?

Any suggestions you can throw my way would be great — the more specific the better. Thanks!