Feeling stressed? That’s ’cause you’re a Realtor. So says the good folks at Career Cast, who ranked it as the fifth most stressful job in America.

Yes, we know the first question you ask. "What are the others?" Here:

1. Surgeon (one slip and your patient is dead)
2. Commercial Airline Pilot (one slip and your passengers are dead)
3. Photojournalist (one slip and you’re covering Iraq)
4. Advertising Account Executive ("Will place ads for food")
5. Real Estate Agent
6. Physician; General Practice (one slip and you’re six over par)
7. Reporter; Newspaper (everyone hates it when you do your job and when you don’t)
8. Physician Assistant (you have to work with those stressed-out surgeons and docs)

Could be worse, though. The site also lists the worst jobs:

1. Lumberjack (even with the cool song)
2. Dairy Farmer (moo)
3. Taxi Driver (even with the cool song)
4. Seaman (people laugh at your job title)
5. Emergency Medical Technician (because kids text and drive)
6. Roofer ("Roofer needed, full time. 10 yrs exp. required. $12.00 hr.")
7. Garbage Collector (’nuff said)
8. Welder (even with the cool mask)
9. Roustabout (even with the cool title)
10. Ironworker (except for Robert Downey Jr.)

And finally, the least stressful jobs:

1. Actuary (because numbers never promise to call but don’t)
2. Dietitian (in America, at least, get paid to do nothing)
3. Computer Systems Analyst (because computers do what you tell them to)
4. Statistician (see #1)
5. Astronomer (unless you spot that one errant comet)