This morning I was reading through Inman’s news, like I usually do, and I realized that it didn’t look right. It wasn’t fitting properly on my screen, and — WTH!* — a POPUP ad?

It wasn’t Inman changing anything. It was me, having turned off Adblock Plus on Friday. I forgot to turn it back on, and suddenly I was reminded of just how chock full of advertising all these Web pages are.

Click, click, and things were back to "normal." Of course, just as when I fast forward past the commercials at home, TiVo-style, I wonder if I’m missing anything. I just don’t wonder that long.

On the other hand, there are some ads I seek out. Movie trailers via either Coming Soon or Apple. Great commercials that friends point me to via YouTube. And of course Craigslist, where I turn when I’m searching for something specific.

This all tells me something, because I have to believe I’m not alone. What exactly it tells me, I’m not sure.


* "What the heck?" We’re a family blog.