Blog Brawl round 1: Let’s take this outside!

Cool logo, huh?The NCAA has their brackets, and so do we. The gloves are off. The yo-mamma jokes have been uttered. It’s time to vote.

Here’s how this works: We’ve seeded the brackets from the top vote-getter down to #32. In this round, there there are 16 contests to vote on broken out into two zones. You must vote in every pairing for each zone, and you only have to vote in one zone if you want to.

How do you decide whom to vote for?

Well, clearly you have a favorite. That’s why you’re here, right? But for all the other bloggers you don’t know about, just click their blog name to open a new window and check out their sites. Maybe he has cool pictures. Maybe her writing voice moves you. Maybe his expertise is beyond comparison. Maybe you think she’s cute. Whatever you think makes for an awesome blog, vote your opinion.

And by the way, you can only vote once per IP address. This is important: Why? Because many business offices share a single IP address, and your fellow agent in the next workspace may have already cast your office’s vote. Tough cookies. We recommend voting from home, your local internet cafe, random wireless hotspots: Heck, anywhere you can get an internet signal to cast as many votes as you want.

So, get to it! Competitors: e-mail your friends, family, neighbors, and clients. Blog about it! Put it on your Facebook page or start a Facebook group! Tweet it. Let EVERYONE know you want their votes to be named the Blog Brawl champion. But be ye warned: offers of monetary compensation in exchange for votes is grounds for disqualification.

You have until Friday, March 20 at 8:59 a.m. to vote. Round 2 of voting will begin the afternoon of Friday, March 20 and stretch through Tuesday, March 24 at 8:59 a.m.

Just as an FYI, once you complete voting in the first zone, you’ll automatically be redirected to vote in the second zone. If you complete the second zone, you’ll be directed to the Parking Lot, where you can type either “w00t!” or “holla!” for your favorite competitor, or, if you happen to be a competitor, taunt your opponents.

Okay: Enough of the blah, blah, blah. Vote now!

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25 Responses to Blog Brawl round 1: Let’s take this outside!

  1. I am in awe of these two sites and their authors. Can’t wait for more. Linda

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  3. garrett says:

    wow, we’re flattered!

  4. Matt Peterson says:

    Go SF Schtuff!

  5. Brian Block says:

    Some great matchups here. Good luck everybody.

  6. tony lazzari says:

    New kid in the blog-o-sphere, bu tlearned from some of the best. I think this is a great opportunity to get see other blogs I may not have known about, learn more about the state of the art from the best in the business, and to get some freakin Illinois Realtors (kudos to those entered, you are excellent) exposed to the blog world and the great knowledge veiwpoints and humor that is out here. Are Va, Bay Area and AZ the current centers of the REblog World? Sure looks like it. (bows down in homage) peace

  7. Sara says:

    Rainmaker Properties Rock!! Great agents and great service and by far the best and most client-friendly blog in the bay area

  8. Rosi says:

    This is fun! :)

  9. Charna says:

    can’t get enough of SF Schtuff

  10. Ashley says:

    GO SARA!!!!

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  12. Dean Essa says:

    Dean is the Elvis of blog

  13. Latana Locke says:

    Great Blog and information

  14. Mana Tulberg says:

    I can’t wait to see the result.

  15. Sheetal D says:

    Go Realestaterain….You guys rock!!

  16. Daniela says: is THE WINNER!!!!!!!

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  20. If anyone knows Chicago, it’s Jenny Ames!

  21. Anne Voshel says:

    I’m trying to vote, but I can’t place a vote for #2 vs. #7there are no “circles” beneath them, and there is no “SUBMIT” button at all. I’d like to vote for Jenny Ames, but I can’t! :-(

  22. I am voting for Jenny Ames. She is awesome!

  23. The site is really great

  24. If you want an expert on Real Estate in Chicago, Jenny is the one to call. She knows the city and the market. Laura Sudler

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