Got off to a late start — our new HVAC system was being crane-lifted into place this morning, so we had to stay out till 10:00 lest the cable break and we end up on Seconds From Disaster.

Still, thanks to the power of Excel, we have the winners for ya. Ready? Course you are — you aren’t even reading this sentence, are you?

The winners: beats in an upset! (Sorry, Heather!) beats beats beats by only 5 votes! beats — only one Virginia blog remains! beats beats beats

In six out of the eight contests, the blog with the longer name won. What does that mean? Nothing! Still, we in the news biz love meaningless statistics. (At least 8 out of 10 of us do.)

We’re down to the Elite Eight. Voting in the next round was scheduled to begin at noon EDT, but may be delayed 30-45 minutes because of the late start.

And so, off to get the voting ready….