It’s a bitter better-Realtor-blogger Twitter battle Brawl!

Once upon a time, something like the Blog Brawl would involve contestants e-mailing their friends to ask for a vote.

Today, it’s a Twitter battle.

I saw the votes pouring in and thought, "That’s too darned fast. Something’s up." In our last Brawl (Virginia only), we had an issue with someone using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to, well, cheat — to pay for votes by the hundreds.

Was it happening again? Suspicions were raised. IP addresses were consulted. Statistical tools were employed.

Nope, looks Kosher. Why, then, the tremendous number of votes coming in? Thank Ines, she of She’s asked for her Twits to vote, and they have been, judging by this screenshot on her site:


Will Jim at Foster City Blog rise to the challenge? Are his Twits at their keyboards? We’ll know on Friday, won’t we?