As I was scanning a few listings in our MLS looking for comparables recently, I noticed some pretty disturbing things:

  • Public comments like “have a new home for Christmas” – obviously from 2008
  • No pictures.  Zilch.  Nada.
  • No comments.  No public information.  No words to entice buyer-agents to show the listing.

There’s just no excuse for this.  The MLS is the #1 advertisement for a property.  Not only that, multiple feeds pick up the MLS data for their site (, Trulia, Zillow, etc.).  If the information in the MLS is incomplete, the feed may reject the listing and it won’t be picked up at all!

Here are a few tips:

  • Review your MLS data weekly.  Put it on your calendar as a recurring event so you won’t forget.
  • Set up an auto-notification for the neighborhood so everytime another property is listed, reduced, sold, etc., you are notified and can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Have excellent pictures.  Use a professional photographer if you need to.  The MLS is the “” of houses; first impressions are everything.
  • Put as much data as possible into your MLS listings.
  • NEVER put the same remarks in the public and agent remarks fields.

Don’t forget your client, the seller.  Keep them updated too.  Send them the neighborhood data and review your pricing strategy regularly.  Share the analytics of how many “hits” their property is getting on various sites.  Let them know how hard you are working for them.