This is it. The end is near. We’re down to the Final, Fantastic, Gang of Four.

They’re all winners. And I don’t mean that in an elementary-school, save-their-fragile-egos way — every one of these bloggers will take home a prize.

Did you forget? :)

The Big Winner: Free registration to Inman’s Real Estate Connect San Francisco 2009 including Bloggers Connect plus $1000 spending money travel allowance. (Amazing!)

Second place: Free registration to Real Estate Connect and Bloggers Connect. (Cool!)

Third and fourth places: Flip Mino HD pocket camcorders. (Slick!)

The voting form will appear below at noon today (EDT), March 27 and will stay up for your voting pleasure until 9:00 AM (EDT) Tuesday, March 31.

The usual stuff: One vote per IP address, so feel free to hit your local Starbucks and get a second ballot in. Beg for votes, write your mom, call your clients — just don’t cheat. (“Cheat” = Do something you’d be embarrassed about if we told all your competitors.)

So… are you ready?

* * *

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