Blog Brawl voting booth zones 2 & 3

If you haven’t already done so, click here to vote in zones 1 and 4.

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22 Responses to Blog Brawl voting booth zones 2 & 3

  1. Lori Bee says:


    This is just wrong, wrong, wrong. They are ALL my friends!

    Jeez. As if we don’t have enough stress.

    I vote for all y’all! How’s that?

    Lori Bee

  2. sandy slater says:

    GO JAY!

  3. Hope our votes stay private, lots of reasons for that like Lori wrote:)

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  5. Jay Thompson says:

    Lori – Tina isn’t your friend. She just wants you to think she’s your friend, she’ll say anything for a vote… ;)

    And for those that don’t know me, I’m KIDDING! I’ve met Tina in real life and she’s fabulous. Just not fabulous enough to vote for.

    @Steve – I’ve never seen any leak of votes in previous Brawls. Ben and company are of the highest character, they wouldn’t allow it (and I suspect the voting system only captures IP address anyway, which would be difficult to trace to one individual in most cases).

  6. Voted for my buds:

  7. Bob says:

    This is retarded…why does it force us to vote for bloggers we’ve never read? Causes voters to randomly choose blogs and completely undermines the results.

  8. Brian Block says:


    Part of the point here is to give extra exposure to bloggers that you’ve never read and to get you to visit the various blogs and get familiar with each before voting. You don’t need to randomly choose blogs but can research your votes.

    Of course, the American public is used to deciding elections based on snippets and sound bytes.

    That being said, please vote for my blog in Round 1, Zone 3, #7.

  9. Alecia Huck says:

    The You Factor (Zone 3 #6) is one I can personally vouch for. Clear headed thinking, solid advice and perspective from someone in the field. Vote and worship the greatness that IS Matt Dollinger. Or just vote, you know, whatever you’re comfortable with.

  10. big thanks to Alecia…

    I think that this has a great concept. I’d love to have more people get out of the “Top Ten” blogs and take a look at some of the others that might have a different perspective.

    Honestly, I’ll be interested to see what impresses people as to “The Best” blog… articles and insight or WhizBang. Good luck to everyone.

  11. I can’t say that I worship him ;) but I can say Matt Dollinger’s blog, teachings and general musings have consistently done more to educate me and help to propel my career than any other in my 10 year career.

    Check it out, visit often and Vote for Matt!!! (Zone 3 #6–

  12. Go Jay… see you in the finals

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  14. tony lazzari says:

    New kid in the blog-o-sphere, bu tlearned from some of the best. I think this is a great opportunity to get see other blogs I may not have known about, learn more about the state of the art from the best in the business, and to get some freakin Illinois Realtors exposed to the blog world and the great knowledge veiwpoints and humor that is out here. Are Va, Bay Area and AZ the current centers of the REblog World? Sure looks like it. (bows down in homage) peace

  15. Jeff Hagedorn says:

    Matt combines unmatched knowledge of real estate, marketing and social networking in his teachings. The You Factor is the home for cutting edge advice and information. The “big toe” on the foot of success, if you will ;)

  16. Wow! I am honored to have been selected. Let the cliche-fest begin.

    “I am going to give it 110%”
    “I need to play it one round at a time”
    “We’re happy to be here but we came to win”
    “This is what all the hard work and efforts on the Blackberry all those years were aimed at”
    “You either ‘go big’ or ‘go home’.”
    “This isn’t just for me…it’s for all the little bloggers out there”

    Now I have to go stretch out and put the eye-black on.

    Good luck to everyone. I’ll look forward to getting to know you through your blogs.

    Sean in Ohio

  17. Lee says:


    I am the second seed of the third flight, pitted against a formidable nemesis in #7 seed, A man of advanced education, sales skill, humor and sexy dancing techniques.

    He also has a hot wife.

    He seriously bribed his way with free drinks too last year. He has legacy. He certainly has game. He had 2 blogs in the competition in 2008.

    Heather still won. Focus is a formidable weapon in competition, wouldn’t you agree Brian?

    He is a lawyer, so his arsenal is stocked with bluster, mimicry and deception.

    I’m honored to be in the Blog Brawl, and when I get into situations like this, I’m always just honored. Y’all are all too cool, and Brian is so cool that he reached out and introduced himself yesterday.

    I just cast my votes, and will instruct my peoples to go forth and to do so themselves.

    The posse is in effect. We want to win on Friday.

    Vote in the Zone 3 pairing of #2 vs. blog.Brian

    My favorite is Digital Upperclassman, Jay Thompson and the superior blog. He’s very, very good.

    I like what I’ve seen from so many of these talented and engaging competitors. So cool.

    Brian is already the coolest guy I’ve met this week!

    See ya in SF.

  18. Tina Merritt says:

    OK – I have a tendency to stay on the sidelines; however, it appears one of my opponents (some dude who lives in a place called Phoenix – it’s nowhere near Virginia) likes to bring the competition into the public arena. So, here’s the deal, I love Phoenix Real Estate Guy. He has a great (fantastic, incredible, to-die-for) blog. He’s a nice guy. But……I have better hair.

  19. Jay Thompson says:

    Tina! You HAVE hair, so by definition it’s better hair! ;)

    Just a week or two ago the lady cutting my hair says, “That bald spot on the back of your head is bigger than it was the last time.”

    And now I’m getting hair abuse here too?

    It’s just not fair. ;)

  20. Brian Block says:

    Tina & Jay,
    I still remember the time that I was at the barber and the guy in the chair next to me (who had less hair than Jay) said to the barbers: “Hey why do you charge me the same price as you charge him? (pointing to my full head of hair)

    The barber gave a great answer:

    “You are paying for precision… If I make even one mistake, people will notice. He’s paying for volume. Nobody will notice a small mistake.”

    Good luck to you both. You can torture me, but I won’t reveal my vote.

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