Shocking revelation from the Washington Times

The cover story of today’s Washington Times is about real estate, and it’s titled, "An attractive exterior will draw buyers."

It’s a great example of what’s wrong with reporting these days (and before I came here I was a reporter, so I speak first hand).

First off, file it under "Duh" — anyone who’s even been single knows an attractive exterior will draw something. Heck, it’s redundant; "attractive" means it attracts.

Still, poor Lisa Rauschar, the reporter, had to interview lots of people, check lots of stats, all to verify something everyone already knows. [sigh] (Not that there isn’t good information in the story, there is. But it’s certainly not worthy of a cover story in a newspaper of significant size.)

About Andrew Kantor

Andrew is VAR's editor and information manager, and -- lessee now -- a former reporter for the Roanoke Times, former technology columnist for USA Today, and a former magazine editor for a bunch of places. He hails from New York with stops in Connecticut, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Roanoke.
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3 Responses to Shocking revelation from the Washington Times

  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a story by it’s title.

  2. How true. Although when I was a kid, I saw a book called The Ivanhoe Gambit and bought it just because of the cool cover — a knight with a Tommy gun. Turned out to begin one of my favorite pulp-scifi series. So sometimes it does work. :)

  3. Adam says:

    Its the same over here in Australia. From the shocking realization that cash flow is good, to people are spending less on home renovations.

    It makes you wonder if some people have common sense these days.

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