Before every phone had a QWERTY keypad, people wrote with these nifty devices called pens. (From the Latin penna, meaning "feather.")

While some folks would use whatever dollar-store-clearance-table stick their office stocked, others were pickier. In fact, I read a comment on a blog post today that read in part, "…and everyone knows that the BEST all-purpose pen is the Pilot V5 Precise Pen."

Sadly, this person is wrong. The best all-purpose (i.e., relatively inexpensive, available in bubble paks at Staples) pen is the Sanford Uni-Ball Roller Grip. Comfortable, fade- (and water-) resistant ink, not too thick or thin… you get the picture.

At least, that’s my say-so. Anyone else have a favorite writing instrument? (Scott, I believe, has a Namiki fountain pen he uses a lot, but that’s a different category.)

Next up: Why Keytronic and Unicomp keyboards rock.