Tuesday quick link: Seth Godin on agents

It's a head. Seth's head. "Where have all the agents gone?" asks A-list biz blogger Seth Godin.

Think about how anonymous the typical real estate broker is. He will sell almost any house or represent almost any buyer. When selling a house, he has a fiduciary responsibility to represent that house to the best of his ability. Just like every other broker. The great real estate brokers do far more than this.


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2 Responses to Tuesday quick link: Seth Godin on agents

  1. For those who have not read a book by Seth, He speaks for the 21st Century agent. Please take the time to read his full post. Seth is like the old lady in the Wendy’s commercial who screams, “Where’s the Beef?”

  2. Julie Emery says:

    First of all let me disclose that I’m a huge Seth Godin fan. I think he’s a brilliant marketing mind. This is a great post, not unlike other things he’s said about the industry. Sooner or later we’ll all be ready to listen.
    I think consumers are moving to a new model already. I’m not sure any of us know exactly what that will look like. I’d like to be out front instead of being dragged, kicking and screaming by my clients!

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