VARbuzz Blog Brawl voting begins today

Nominations close at 8:59 this morning, and we’re just about to start tallying them (about 450 and counting at this point). The brackets will be set this morning and our first round of voting should be up by this afternoon. Stay tuned for details.

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2 Responses to VARbuzz Blog Brawl voting begins today

  1. Just a note from the guy doing the vote counting. If you misspell (or mispel) the name of the blog, it’s possible that your vote won’t count. I’m ‘baselining’ capitalization and the use of “www,” but may miss, say, “” vs. “”

    Consider it punishment for having fans who can’t spell your URL. :)

    (To be clear: I’m going to try to catch these, but I can’t guarantee!)

  2. Brian Block says:

    Man, and I forgot about the deadline for nominations, so never made it to a 2nd computer to nominate my blog a second time. However, luckily I still squeaked my way in. Good luck to everyone!

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