(The opinion expressed below is mine, and does not necessarily represent that of the Virginia Association of REALTORS®.)

Get this: According to the Real Estate Intelligence Report, "walking" is among 200 words the Corcoran Group is banning from its advertising. Because, you see, it might sound like it discriminates against the disabled.

Huh? Isn’t saying that something is "walking distance" simply a point of fact? How can facts be discriminatory? Besides, you’re not even vaguely implying that disabled people aren’t welcome. Does saying "great bike trails nearby" discriminate too? (Apparently so.)

Perhaps "great view" or even "beautiful" should also be off the list so as not to appear to discriminate against the blind. And don’t mention that "great burger place" either — I guess that would be discriminating against vegetarians.

Discrimination, to me (and I’m sure Lem will jump in if I’m wrong) means saying or implying that certain kinds of people aren’t welcome, or treating them differently: "Great place for a traditional Christian family." "All-white complex." "Discount for families with kids." And so on.

Or maybe I’m just not keeping up with the times. Correct me, please.