You probably know the drill by now: We like to track what readers of Commonwealth Online are clicking. Last month you went in like a bunch of crazed dogs, clicking all over the place. This month you were a little more subdued.

clickTopping the list of clicks was a PDF from the government on the Making Home Affordable program, and number three was the Wikipedia article on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Also high on the list was the NAR site on the Making Home Affordable program, so it’s clear that Realtors® are still looking for info on the whole bailout thing.

Also high on the list was the UVa study on foreclosures — the one that said they’re concentrated in a few key areas; it’s not a nationwide epidemic. (Not that it helps if your area is one of those, but it’s a small bit of good news, right? Right?)

And finally, back to the mothership in Chicago: The NAR site on why mixing banking and commerce is a Bad Thing got a lot of traffic too.

Until next time, keep clicking.