The winners are in! (Thanks to a neat Excel shortcut, it took a lot less time to do the counting this time around.)

survivor_brawlBUT FIRST…

Here’s an interesting fact before I get to the results. It may be more than a "fun fact" — it may actually be important.

None of the winners were blogs that were subdomains ( or slashes ( or were on a blog service ( Every winner was a standalone domain ( Roll that around in your head a while.

All right. And now, what you came here for: the winners — the real estate blogs going to Round II:

From zones 1 and 4: (beat (beat (beat (beat (beat (beat (beat (beat

From zones 2 and 3: (beat (beat (beat — sorry, Tina!) (beat (beat (beat (beat

Congrats to all the winners! (BLNT to all the, er, non-winners.)

At noon EDT voting will be open for Round II, which will last until 8:59 AM EDT on March 24.

This time you must vote in every one of the (eight) contests. Good luck, godspeed, fly straight, happy trails, safe landings, etc.!