Focusing on opportunities

Wisdom from Matt Ferrara. Here’s a taste:

There’s a paradox in today’s housing industry: The real estate marketplace is showing signs of potential, but the real estate business is still falling apart. Home affordability is the best in decades; mortgage rates the lowest in modern times. Sellers and buyers are starting to get it. Yet after hundreds of thousands of REALTORS have left the industry, the news continues to be about bankruptcies, layoffs and implosions at brokerages nationwide. Agents are demoralized; managers are shaken; brokers sweating. This, even at a time when online operational costs such as marketing have plummeted and technology-driven success stories are soaring. Why, then, is the industry stuck in the mud? Perhaps it’s because we’re focused on the problems – and not the opportunities.

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3 Responses to Focusing on opportunities

  1. this year i have seen some decline in real estate business as the government has put restriction on rising the price of land. this is something good and sure i am going to have a house of my own.

  2. Scott: Thanks for sharing our ideas with your membership. We are receiving such positive feedback from REALTORS everywhere that we are working with: If we can get our eye back on the market opportunities, we can turn around this crisis in no time!

    Best wishes to everyone at VAR!
    Matthew Ferrara

  3. Russ says:

    I agree there are opportunities out there right now. I guess its the proverbial silver lining.

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